Operating Guides

How to control and operate your unit.

This section is designed to help you operate your PANOPTES unit, from initial testing setup to the fully automated operation mode. There is also a guide for manual operation for when you really just want to get some pretty pictures.

The guides in the section assume you have a completed PANOPTES and would like to run it under normal operating conditions.

If you need to test your unit as part of the build process, including the final polar alignment, see Testing a PANOPTES Unit.

As always, don't forget to check out the forum other tips from users:

Automated Operation

This is the normal nightly operating mode for the Project PANOPTES survey and the default mode of operation for PANOPTES units.

Automated operation works by selecting from a predefined list of targets written in a file on the unit. This list of targets can either be a default list provided by the PANOPTES team, or can be any list of targets that you wish!

A network-based scheduler is also currently under development (see panoptes-tom), which will allow the unit to actively participate in a dynamic global scheduler. Coming Fall 2020!

Automated Operation

Manual Operation

You can choose to manually operate a unit, either for getting specific images (like the pretty image of the Andromeda Galaxy taken by PAN012 below), for testing mount and camera movements, for following up on specific exoplanet transits, or simply just for fun!

Manual Operation

Something unclear? Please post on the forum at https://forum.projectpanoptes.org/ or email us at info@projectpanoptes.org.

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