Power Distribution

After converting the mains power to a 12V system, this guide describes how to set up the distribution system so you can power the different components.


The power distribution board on a PANOPTES unit is composed of an Arduino Uno and an Infineon 24V relay shield (referred to as the "trucker board" because of it's intended use in the automotive industry).

The trucker board is attached directly to the Arduino Uno as a "shield" and is controlled by the software on the Arduino (called a "sketch"). The instructions below describe the installation of the FirmataExpress sketch on the Arduino Uno.

The Infineon board is a capable of handling 24V and is officially called a "24V Protected Switch Shield" but works just as well for 12V.

Functional Requirements

The primary purpose of the power distribution is to provide 12V DC power for each of the PANOPTES subcomponents (mount, camera box, weather station, fan, control computer) as well as the ability to independently power-cycle each channel. The recommended solution is to use the Arduino/Infineon "trucker" board combination described below.


Provided by

Five (5) channels of 12V DC power.

Arduino/Infineon "trucker" board.

Power-cycle for each channel.

Arduino/Infineon "trucker" board.


The Infineon relay shield attaches directly to the Arduino Uno, as demonstrated in the following short video:


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For instructions on installing the software for the power distribution board, see the Arduino Software - Power Distribution page:

Arduino - Power Distribution

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