Installing POCS

A guide to installing the control software.

The PANOPTES Observatory Control System (POCS) is designed to offer full control of a PANOPTES unit. This can either be for nightly automated operation or for manual operation by the user.

This guide will help you install POCS, either onto the control computer that is used by your unit, or onto your local laptop for development purposes.

Prerequisite Steps:

If this is the first time POCS is being installed on this computer, please skip to the previous section titled 'Installing OS'.

Remove the previous version of POCS if installed

If you have already installed POCS on the system, you will need to remove the older POCS version before continuing and make sure your Ubuntu is updated to version 20.10 (arm64).

Step 1: Install POCS

  • Run the following command to download and execute the POCS installation script

    bash -c "$(wget -qO-"


  • When prompted for a Github username, hit Enter to use the default option (currently panoptes), which will use the docker branch in the main POCS repository. If you are a developer working on software updates to POCS, you can enter the username that corresponds to the fork you are working on. If this does not apply to you, you can use the default option.

  • You can view the installation progress by entering the following from another terminal window:

    tail -F /var/panoptes/logs/install-pocs.log

  • If any issues arise during the installation, see if a fix is listed in the Troubleshooting section of the Appendix. Otherwise, please post a description of the error on the PANOPTES forum so we can help!

Step 2: Run POCS

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