Find Misalignment

Step 1: Take observations

  • Run a specific polar alignment script to capture data for a wide range of HA?

  • Run your PANOPTES unit to take observations overnight.

  • Make sure the observations are uploaded to Google cloud storage.

Step 2: Download drift data from the observations

  • Beginner's tutorial on how to create, open and run a Jupyter notebook:

  • Download the Jupyter notebook file PANOPTES - 03 Drift Observation Polar Alignment.ipynb in this link to your local laptop/computer.

  • Follow the steps in the Jupyter Notebook, run one cell at a time consecutively until you reach the end of the notebook.

Step 3: Fix misalignment in your mount

  • Use the al (deg) and az (deg) values obtained from the notebook to do the polar alignment as described in Fix Misalignment.

Fix Misalignment

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