Getting Started

Ready to build a PANOPTES unit? Have a technical question about the setup? Curious about what that even means? This section is for you!

This section of the guide is the primary source for official build and installation instructions related to a PANOPTES unit.

Project PANOPTES provides instructions and a parts list for a complete PANOPTES unit. However, it's important to note that there are potentially many alternative ways to build various parts of the unit as long as the functional requirements are taken into consideration.

A good example would be specific weather proofing tips for weather at your site that might not be covered by the official guides. The functional requirements for weatherproofing are:

  1. Don't let your PANOPTES unit get ruined by the weather (or bugs!)

  2. Weatherproofing materials shot not interfere with the movement of the mount.

We offer a working solution on how to do that with specific tools and hardware, but as long as you are able to satisfy the functional requirements for each section, feel free to explore better (or cheaper!) options.

Check out the public forum for what other builders are doing!

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