Mount Assembly Parts

Position of the pins, pegs and screws on pier top plate

Step 1: Attach central pin to pier top plate

Step 2: Attach alignment peg to pier top plate

The alignment peg is the North facing edge of the pier.

Step 3: Place mount on pier

Step 4: Azimuth locking screw

Secure the mount in place with the Azimuth locking screws.

Step 5: Check latitude range on mount

The iOptron CEM40 mount has two latitude ranges, 0—35° and 25—60°.

Pick the latitude range most suitable to your site's latitude. To change the latitude range, unthread and remove the 'position bolt' to its new location. Adjust the 'latitude adjustment knob' while holding the brass eyebolt until it lines up with the 'position bolt'. Secure the 'latitude position bolt'.

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