Camera Focus

How to focus the cameras in a PANOPTES unit.

The Canon cameras that are used for PANOPTES do not have an auto-focus mechanism so it is important to set a proper focus after all other deployment is complete but before a polar alignment.

Note that there are additional camera settings that should be set before the focus. See Camera Setup for details.


The video below shows the general movements for the lens in order to focus the camera.

Focus Procedure

Focusing is currently done via the live-view finder on the back of the camera while looking down into the box. This is sometimes awkward depending on the size of the box and the wiring, but the procedure should work well.

To focus a camera you will need to be able to view something at or near "infinity". At night this can be actual stars. If you can only focus during the day your unit will need to be able to "see" a distant object, e.g. a distant mountain range, far away lights, etc.

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